Roose Tiny Guest House

For many years, we had the Roose Holiday House for renting from builded by our grandmother Roosi-Eliise, first as a house for animals. Now, finally, we live here 🙂 . But the place in the village of Orjaku in the middle of junipers is so nice and it was set up for recreation so that’s why we builded a new Roose Tiny Guest House with sauna at the property.
It is located near us, but not near that we can see each other, you will feel very private at the new Roose Tiny Guest House.
Certainly it is not similar to the so-called old Roose, but the feeling is the same: cozy, homey, lot of fun and even closer to the sea! This place must be discovered, tried and enjoyed. We hope that many people and families will find it relaxing and comfortable here in Orjaku. Perfect place to load your batteries again!
This summer, we rent the house only one week at a time. Out of season for long weekends too.